a near-perfect day in la

This past Sunday was the day that I'd been eagerly waiting for since mid-November. My sister, her kids, and I ventured up to Inglewood to attend the final Chargers game of the season. Despite the disappointing loss (and chilly weather), we all had a blast cheering on our team, and taking in the sights and sounds of a professional football game. The atmosphere was truly electric. Afterward, on our way home, we stopped by Irvine Spectrum Center to get dinner, and visit some of our favorite stores. It was the perfect ending to a near-perfect day!

we arrived early, hoping to explore the stadium grounds | a bird's eye view of the action | chipotle chicken tacos (need I say more?!) | admiring the stadium's architecture on the way out | I randomly opened this book to that passage; what a lovely sentiment | making a wish at the fountain | the Ferris wheel is the focal point of Irvine Spectrum Center | a delicious mixed berry pocket pie from Hello Kitty Cafe

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